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Q: How did the Treaty of Neutrality make it difficult for the Americans?
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How did Britain and France make washingtons neutrality policy difficult to enforce?

They had a revolution

Which is true about the Treaty of Ghent?

It restored the American and British prewar boundaries.

When did William Penn make the treaty with the native Americans?

he signed a treaty with the chiefs of the Lenni Lenape tribe

What was the difference between the neutrality act of 1935 and the one of 1936?

The 1936 one added that the Americans could not make loans to either sides.

How did plantation owners and other white southerners make life difficult for African Americans?

they made life difficult by not hiring the African Americans in there buissnesses

How did the Articles of Confederation make it difficult for the US to enforce the Treaty of Paris?

Penis in ur mouth

What were some strategies used by European Americans to make life more difficult for native Americans?

I don't really know but the European Americans took land from the native americans

What difficult decisions did Americans make in 1860 and 1861?

Whether to send supplies to Fort Sumter. It was difficult because confederates could attack.

Who did the Iroqouis confederacy make the two row wampum belt treatie with?

The first European group with whom the treaty was made was with the Dutch colonists. The treaty was also later made with the British, the French, and the Americans.

Which treaty ended the war of 1812?

The Treaty of Ghent. That was the Treaty of Ghent. It required the Americans and the British to return any land that they have gained during the war. Both sides agreed to make the 49th parallel of latitude the political boundary from west of the Great Lakes to the Rocky mountains.

Why did rural Americans in the early 1800s make or grow what they needed?

it was too difficult to travel to get goods somewhere else

How did Jim crow laws make it more difficult for African Americans to get health care?

The laws prevented white nurses from working in hospitals that admitted African Americans