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it effect china causerie poor people couldn't afford to take the test and the Confucius favored the wealthy and only boys could take the test

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Q: How did the civil service examinations effect chinease society?
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What effect did the civil service examinations used by the Han Dynasty on the government?

It made the government not trust how they treat their people.

What was the purpose of civil service examinations?

It affected Chinese people.

What is RA 1080?

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 1080REPUBLIC ACT NO. 1080 - AN ACT DECLARING THE BAR AND BOARD EXAMINATIONS AS CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONSSection 1. The bar examinations and the examinations given by the various boards of examiners of the Government are declared as civil service examinations, and shall, for purposes of appointment to positions in the classified service the duties of which involve knowledge of the respective professions, except positions requiring highly specialized knowledge not covered by the ordinary board examinations, be considered as equivalent to the first grade regular examination given by the Bureau of Civil Service if the profession requires at least four years of study in college and the person has practiced his profession for at least two years, and as equivalent to the second grade regular examination if the profession requires less than four years of college study.cralawSection 2. The Commissioner of Civil Service shall be furnished by the Clerk of the Supreme Court and the Secretary of the Board of Examiners a list of the successful candidates in the respective bar or board examinations with their general averages, and preference shall be given to those obtaining the highest ratings in making appointments: Provided, That for those who have already passed the corresponding bar or board examinations, the eligibility shall be deemed to commence from the approval of this Act.Section 3. The Commissioner of Civil Service shall promulgate the rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this Act.cralawSection 4. The benefits granted under this Act shall not prescribe, the provisions of civil service law or regulations notwithstanding.cralawSection 5. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

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