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Q: How did the compromise of 1850 the fugitive slave act and antislavery literature affect the debate over slavery?
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Was the Compromise of 1850 pro-slavery or antislavery?


Was the fugitive slave act anti or pro slavery?

The Fugitive Slave Act was a pro-slavery part of the Compromise of 1850.

What has the author Samuel Ringgold Ward written?

Samuel Ringgold Ward has written: 'Autobiography of a fugitive negro : his anti-slavery labours in the United States, Canada & England' -- subject(s): Antislavery movements 'Autobiography of a fugitive Negro' -- subject(s): Anti-slavery movements, Antislavery movements, Biography, Fugitive slaves, Slavery, Esclaves fugitifs, Esclavage, Biographie

do you think literature was an effective tool against slavery?

Antislavery literature clearly signified how slavery felt and how similar slaves were to their white counterparts.

What was the issue of the Missouri compromise?

The overriding issue was slavery. The compromise included The Fugitive Slave Act and agreement to allow slavery within the borders of Missouri.

The Missouri compromise was a victory for antislavery advocates because it?

...drew a line in the sand, North of which slavery was illegal.

What did the Compromise of 1850 offer people who supported slavery?

The Compromise of 1850 offered the Fugitive slave act to supporters of slavery. This meant that if a slave ran away he could be caught by his owner.

What groups did Millard Fillmore anger?

Fillmore angered the abolitionists and other anti-slavery groups in the North, by the Fugitive Slave Act, which was part of the Compromise of 1850. This compromise was engineered by Henry Clay. It was opposed by Fillmore's predecessor, Taylor.

What does antislavery mean?

AntislaveryAntislavery means against slavery.

What was the underlying issue the Missouri Compromise was intend to address?

The overriding issue was slavery. The compromise included The Fugitive Slave Act and agreement to allow slavery within the borders of Missouri.

What compromise included a more effective law requiring people in free states to return fugitive slaves?

The Compromise of 1850 included the Fugitive Slave Act, which required free states to assist in capturing and returning fugitive slaves. This law strengthened the enforcement of returning slaves to their owners and was a key provision in the compromise between Northern and Southern states on the issue of slavery.

Why did abolitionists use antislavery literature to promote their cause and what effect did it have on he slavery debate?

Abolitionists used antislavery literature to raise awareness about the inhumane conditions of slavery, educate the public about the moral implications of owning slaves, and inspire empathy for enslaved individuals. This literature played a significant role in shaping public opinion, increasing support for abolition, and fueling the national debate over slavery. It helped to galvanize the movement and eventually led to the abolition of slavery in the United States.