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Q: How did the constant transition within the french government influence it's effectiveness?
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In a democracy what is one way the people can change or influence the government?

petion the goverment,write letters to congress,join intrest groups,and stay in constant touch with state legislatures.

If the government increases taxes and everything else remains constant?

If the government increases taxes, and everything else remains constant:

The word ephemera in conjunction with aboslute. example a state of absolute ephemery or ephemeral absolute could this a statement suggest a state of constant transition?

No. The state of constant transition is called flux. Ephemeral means "here for a day," the opposite of "constant," which means standing, enduring, lasting. Absolute means "free from all other things, unqualified, perfect."

Why does the temperature remain constant at the transition temperature even though heating is continued?

At the transition temperature, the heat goes into causing the change in state. Once the change in state is complete, the temperature will change.

Why the mass of a substance is constant everywhere?

Because the mass is not dependent on the gravitational influence.

How did pressure effects the sound when temperature is constant?

The atmospheric pressure has no effect on the speed of sound when the temperature is constant. The air pressure has no influence on the sound.

What wavelength is a transition from n5 to n3?

The wavelength of a transition from n=5 to n=3 in hydrogen-like atoms can be calculated using the Rydberg formula: 1/λ = R(1/n₁² - 1/n₂²), where R is the Rydberg constant. The transition will result in the emission of a photon with a wavelength in the ultraviolet region.

Which of properties of inner transition elements remain constant due to shielding effect?


Can you transition boiled water directly to vapor under a very low temperature?

Sure, reduce the pressure.Boiling can be produced either by:raising temperature while holding constant pressurelowering pressure while holding constant temperature

Is the spacing between the lines in the spectrum of an element constant or does it vary?

The spacing between the lines in the spectrum of an element is constant. Each line corresponds to a specific energy transition within the atom, and the spacing between the lines is determined by the energy difference between the specific electronic states involved in the transition.

Who said without government men are in a constant state of war?


What is the variable that remains constant in an experiment?

The control is the variable that is held is held constant throughout all experiments, and duplications of them. By isolating control variables sources of error and or influence on a system can be managed and understood.