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Election of 1800

In 1804,the 12th amendment solved the problems by creating separate ballots for president and vice president.

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Q: How did the election of 1800 change the constitution?
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A direct consequence of the election of 1800 was the constitution amendment stipulating?

The direct consequence of the election of 1800 was the amendment to the constitution that stipulated separate electoral college balance for president and vice president. It was the 12th amendment to be added to the constitution.

Was the election of Jefferson and burr revolutionary?

yes it was since Hamilton convinced the federalists to support Jefferson and win the election of 1800; the election became known as the revolution of 1800 and as a peaceful change of power.

The election of 1800 has been referred to as constitution another revolution because?

The party in power stepped down after losing the election.

Why is the election of 1800 called the revolution of 1800?

Thomas Jefferson referred to the presidential election of 1800 as the Revolution of 1800 because it ushered in a Democratic-Republican Party rule. It also lead to the eventual demise of the Federalist Party.

Was the 1800 election more or less important than the 1796 election?

The election of 1800 was more important than the election of 1796. In 1796 George Washington was elected president unopposed. The election of 1800 had several people vying for the presidency.

Why as it important to have a peaceful election in 1800 that followed the rules set out in the constitution?

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What development led to a change in the electoral college system following the election of 1800?

The rise of political parties

What did the election of 1800 prove?

The election of 1800 proved that the executive branch could be won by an Anti-Federalist.

Why do some historians call the election of 1800 the Revolution of 1800?

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Why did Jefferson called the election of 1800 as real a revolution?

Read the materials. He believed that he offered a revolutionary change from the federalist regime.

What did federalists fear would happen if the Democratic-Republicans won the election of 1800 presidential election?

Overthrow the constitution by returning power to the states, dismantling the army and navy, and overturning Hamilton's financial system.

Why is the election of 1800 is called the revolution of 1800?

The election of 1800 is called the Revolution of 1800 because power changed hands without war. The Federalist Party had held powers since George Washington's first election in 1788.