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It gave American Society: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Equality, and Fraternity.

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Q: How did the enlightenment ideas influence the new American society?
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How did the enlightenment and great awakening influence American ideas?

New ways of thinking.

How did scientific findings influence Enlightenment ideas about government and society?

Scientific findings influenced Enlightenment ideas about government and society. The society became less religious and more secular. People also became more interested in astrology.

How did the enlightenment ideas influence the development of the American revolution?

It rejected traditional social, religious, and political values.

What Enlightenment ideas influenced colonists?

The Enlightenment was a major influence on the political ideas of the colonists who pushed for independence from Great Britain

The enlightenment and the great awakening caused?

The ideas of the enlightenment mostly influenced American revolution.

How did the ideas of Enlightenment influence the American Revolution?

Thomas Jefferson, the voice of the American Revolution, embraced john Locke's ideas about every man's right to life, liberty, and property.

How did enlightenment ideas influence society and culture?

Enlightenment ideas emphasized reason, progress, and individual rights, which led to advancements in education, science, and political systems. These ideas challenged traditional beliefs and authority, paving the way for democratic principles and human rights. Enlightenment thinkers promoted freedom of thought and expression, contributing to the development of modern society and culture.

Hiw did the ideas of the enlightenment influence the art?

Of the enlightenment just influenced the art - foreal?

What revolutions did the the enlightenment ideas influence?

The Enlightenment ideas influenced revolutions such as the American Revolution, French Revolution, and Latin American independence movements. These revolutions sought to overthrow oppressive monarchies, establish democratic governments, and promote principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

What were the effects on the enlightenment ideas on society and government?

Its great

Describe three ways in which enlightenment ideas spread?

Enlightenment ideas spread through the publication of books and pamphlets by thinkers like Voltaire and John Locke, the formation of intellectual salons where ideas were discussed and debated, and the influence of political movements such as the American and French Revolutions that were inspired by Enlightenment principles.

How did the enlightenment ideas influence the french?

How the Enlightenment influenced the French Revolution was by challenging the monarchy and the wealthiest classes .