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they passed messages on to china

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Q: How did the french aid relations between the united stated and china?
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How did the French aid relations between the United states and China?

They passed messages on to China.

What has the author Friend to this commonwealth written?

Friend to this commonwealth. has written: 'The case stated between England and the United Provinces in this present juncture' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, History

What company is a specialized agency for the united nations stated purpose is to contribute to peace?

Council on Foreign Relations

Who did the United stated support after World War 2?

french colonialists

What did the Shanghai Communiqu do?

Described areas of agreement and disagreement (also apex)

Which two events directly concerned relations between the US and England?

which two events directly concerned relations between the united states and England

What did the jay treaty resolve How did the French respond to the treaty?

The Jay Treaty resolved issues between the United States and Great Britain, particularly related to trade and navigation rights. The French viewed the Jay Treaty as favoring Britain and violating the Franco-American alliance, leading to strained relations and disputes between France and the United States.

Full diplomatic relations between Vietnam and were established in 1995?

the united states

In World War 2 what was the relations between the United States and Japan?

The US and Japan were at war, so relations we not so great!

Relations between Japan and the United States were tense because of?

the Japanese occupation of Indochina.

What event worsened relations between the united states and Germany?

the German telegram to Mexico

The cold war referred to unfriendly relations between the?

the cold war was not exactly a war but it was between the United States and Russia.