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To answer a question we need a who, where, what, when, where, and how. Your question leaves out who.

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Q: How did the government respond to the Haitian revolution?
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How did the people overthrow the government in the Haitian revolution?

They killed the whites and made a new government

How did the Haitian Revolution?

The Haitian Revolution ended with leaders and known people dying.

Which of the following groups controlled Saint-Domingue's government before the Haitian Revolution?

French aristocrats

What are the differences between the American and Haitian Revolutions?

The Haitian Revolution was a slave revolt created at the grass roots level to gain freedom from bondage. The American Revolution was by British subjects trying to regain self-government.

Which aspect of the Haitian Revolution made it different?

The Haitian Revolution involved a slave rebellion.

Who was the leader of the Haitian Revolution?

Francois-Dominique Toussaint Louverture was the leader of the Haitian Revolution.

How did the Haitian Revolution end?

The Haitian Revolution ended with leaders and known people dying.

which of the following describes a majoor difference between the american revolution and the haitian revolution?

The American revolution is in America & the Haitian Revolution is in Haiti

How was a Haitian Revolution different from revolution in the rest of Latin America?

Because it was the first black colony to free itself from European control.

Who led the Haitian revolution?

Toussaint L'Ouverture was the leader of the Haitian Revolution. He was also known as Toussaint Breda. He was considered a genius of the revolution.

When did the Haitian revolution end?

the haitian revolution ended on january 1st 1804.duuuh didos duffs

When was Haitian revolution?

There were a series of Haitian rebellions, but only the revolution from 1791 to 1803 actually pushed the French out of the country.