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Asexual reproduction of mammoths.

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Q: How did the party polarization limit the president's ability to influence domestic policymaking in congress?
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The framers of the constitution gave the chief economic policymaking role to?


May influence members of congress by granting or withholding support of legislation?

Committee staff may influence congress by granting or withholding legislation. Organizations can also influences members of congress in the same ways.

What requires that each bill introduced in congress be referred to the proper committe?

Congress policymaking role is based on lawmaking, oversight and ?

What restrictions does the Constitution places on Congress in establishing the Presidents salary?

The Presidents salary cannot be increased or decreased at any time during his term. This is to ensure that Congress does not use the Presidents salary as a bargaining tool to influence executive decisions. Constitution Article 2 Section1 Clause 7

How does polarization in Congress lead to increased use of executive orders?

If Congress can not pass anything controversial due to polarization, the President is tempted to rule by executive order.

What major national-level policymaking institution does the AARP target?

Congress they could limit resources on AARP

How does the lame- duck period limit the president 's ability to influence domestic policymaking in congress?

From a layman's point of view, a "lame-duck" president would be a president that everybody (including congress) simply ignored. He's there just to fill a space, until someone better comes along.

What did the framers of the Constitution see as the center of policymaking in America?

The framers of the Contitution wanted the legislature to be the center of policymaking in America. They wanted the big disputes to be resolved in Congress, rather than the White House or Supreme Court.

Does the use of veto power show weakness or question relations with Congress even though presidents can exercise veto to influence Congress?

Using the veto indicates that the President disagrees with Congress and that Congress was willing to pass a law they against the President's wishes.

What is the collective noun for president and congress?

The collective noun for presidents is a succession of presidents. The collective noun congress is used for a congress of baboons, a congress of crows.

When the president wants to influence the way congress makes the laws he will propose legislation in an annual speech to congress known as what?

I believe you are referring to the "State of the Union Address." But presidents are always trying to influence congress, and they often give speeches and policy addresses about the priorities they would like to see turned into laws.

How has the presidents ability to influence public policy been affected by the fact that congress now meets year round?

Congress meeting nearly year round gives the President more opportunity to persuade Congress to do what he wants. The Vice President really has more influence, though, as he presides over the Senate