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Political parties began to effect the outcome of some of the Electoral College results. There were ties due to political loyalties.

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Q: How did the rise of political parties affect the electoral college?
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What Political factors affect a college?

what are the political favtors that affect a college?

How does proportional representation affect party organization?

Proportional representation can lead to the fragmentation of political parties, as it allows smaller parties to gain representation. This can require parties to form coalitions in order to govern, leading to more complex party structures. Additionally, parties may need to broaden their appeal to attract a wider range of voters in order to secure enough seats in a proportional voting system.

How does political parties affect the president race?

us presidents

What affect did political parties have on the election of 1796?

Smd ^_^ xGratefuldeadx

Political parties mainly affect democratic systems of government by?

Political parties have developed alongside democracy. State's party system profoundly affect the character of democracy. Without good character, systems of government will fail.

How political parties affect public policy?

The dominant political party decides the laws of the society which affects public policy.

Do US territories get any electorate votes? citizens in U.S. Territories vote for President? No, the Electoral College system does not provide for residents of U.S. Territories, such as Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and American Samoa to vote for President. Unless citizens in U.S. Territories have official residency (domicile) in a U.S. State or the District of Columbia (and vote by absentee ballot or travel to their State to vote), they cannot vote in the Presidential election. Note that prior to the adoption of the 23rd Amendment, DC residents could not vote in the Presidential election. The political parties may authorize voters in primary elections in Territories to select delegates to represent them at the political party conventions. But that process does not affect the Electoral College system.

How did the rise of political parties affect the 12 Amendment?

It made picking the president and vice-president alot less harder.

What are Party Practices?

The definition of party practices is how political parties' beliefs affect the nation. Elections are an example of party practices.

How would the change in population affect a states voting power and how it related to the number of electoral college votes?

The number of Representatives in Congress depends on the state's population in the latest census. The number of Electoral College votes is the sum of the Senators and Representatives that a state has (giving a minimum of 3 votes).

How do political parties affect public policy?

they try to gain power by winning elective offices

How does the gender gap affect political parties?

Men are more likely to vote Republican and women are more likely to vote Democrat.