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Q: How did the slave rebellion abolish slavery?
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Was it correct to abolish slavery?

Yes. Would you like to be a slave?

What slave tried to abolish slavery?

i think its fredrick douglass

How do you abolish slavery?

Killing the plantations owner and bring the slave to the north.

What was the first step in the gradualism approach to ending slavery?

rebellion and revolt, and eventually laws were passed to abolish slavery.

What has the author Slave-driver written?

Slave-driver has written: 'How to abolish slavery in America and to prevent a cotton famine in England' -- subject(s): Slavery

What did slave owners do after slavery was abolish?

They were probably forced to let their slaves go unless the slave wanted to stay.

How did virginians react to nat turners rebellion in southamton county?

they considered to abolish slavery in theri state

What role did William Wilberforce play in the abolition of slavery in the British Empire'?

He was an early leader of the movement to abolish slavery and helped found the Anti-Slavery Society.

What role did Frederick Douglass play in the fight to abolish slavery?

he told stories about the difficulties of his life as a slave

What role did Fredrick Douglas play in the fight to abolish slavery?

he told stories about the difficulties of being a slave

Was Georgia the first state to abolish slavery?

No it was the last and had the 6th highest slave population. The first was Illinois

What was the Virginia slavery debate and legislature 1831-1832?

It was a debate over whether or not to abolish slavery following the Nat Turner Rebellion in the summer of 1831. While Virgina did not abolish slavery, they did tighten restrictions on slaves. For instance, slaves could no longer be taught to read.