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Q: How did the women in anishinabe make decision?
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Did the Anishinabe make rice?

Wild rice was harvested by Anishinabe peoples.

What is the role of Anishinabe men in decision making?

men were a huge part in decision making, and the elders always made the final decision.

What was a name of a Chippewa women?

Chippewa woman and men call themselves Anishinabe.

Why can't women make up there minds?

Women have to make the right decision, and some times it takes time. And most of the time when women change there minds it's always the right decision.

How does anishinabe make a decisions?

chiefs,the grand council, council of elders

What is the role of the anishinabe women?

omen: Anishinabe woman during the time perallotment were considered the powerhouse of the family. ... The women were appreciated for being female and their role in nurturing their families through love, spiritual strength, food preparation, cleanliness, and seamstressing.

How did the anishinabe travel?

The anishinabe travelled mostly on foot, or sometimes by canoe.

How did the anishinabe make decisions?

they work together and see which idea is better than others

How did the anishinabe use the land?

unwisely and without care. The Anishinabe had no respect for nature.

How did anishinabe use their land?

unwisely and without care. The Anishinabe had no respect for nature.

What are the living arrangements of the anishinabe?

I honestly dont know so search it Anishinabe

What did the anishinabe wear?

The Anishinaabe people traditionally wore clothing made from materials like animal hides and plant fibers. Men often wore breechcloths, shirts, and leggings, while women wore skirts and tunics. Additionally, moccasins were commonly worn by both men and women.