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With a piece of paper, a feather, and ink.

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Q: How did they write the constitution?
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What things did the second continental congress not do?

write the constitution

Why did I the delegates from the American colonies meet in Philadelphia in 1775?

to write a colonial constitution

What year did they write the constitution?

The Constitution was written in 1781.

What constitution helped japan write a new constitution?


Why did Missourians write a constitution in 1820?

They needed a constitution to become a state.

Why was a constitution important to Texas?

why did texans have to write a new constitution in 1845

Did the confederacy write their own constitution?


Did the continal congress write the constitution?


What did The Meiji Emperor write?


What state did they write the Constitution in?


Where did the Americans write the Constitution?


Where did Americans leaders write the Constitution?

The leaders decided to write a new constitution, In 1787 leaders from 12 of the states went to philadelphia. There they wrote the unite sates constitution convention.