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In many different ways. They set the laws of the land, preventing certain actions and allowing others. They set taxes, economic policy, and foreign policy too.

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Q: How do government impact people?
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How does Russian government impact people in Russia?

It governs them.

In a republic did the people choose representatives to govern them?

Yes. A republic is a form of government in which the citizens choose their leaders and the people (or at least a part of its people) have an impact on its government.

What accomplishments have people in Athens made to impact today's life?

They were remembered for making a democratic government.

What are the impact of the policies on the government?

Deep Impact

What was the impact of viking culture on Europe?

The Vikings were seagoing Norse people. They mixed with the Anglo-Saxons to become the modern English and with the people of northern France to become the Normans.

What is the Pakistan government's impact on people?

Not Loyal with people, Its just for its won benefits and personal wars. In which it is using the innocent peoples and killing them.

Which part of the federal government was given the most impact over the people?

I believe the answer to this question is the the 2nd part

How does Christianity impact the people and government?

People - Christianity will impact people by giving them a moral guideline to follow. Christians are to be Christ-like and Christ went about doing good Government will be impacted in much the same way. Those in power will be moral and will be more apt to try to do what is right for the country, state, or town they preside over.

How does government policy impact citizens?

As soon as the policy is enforced, it begins to impact people. It changes the way certain services run in order to achieve the goal in which it intended to do.

What was the effect of the Watergate scandal on the way American citizens viewed the federal government?

what was watergetes impact on the goverment?

What was the impact of the American revolution on the western hemisphere?

other people started declaring independence from a government (France, etc.)

How does the three fifths compromise impact our government today?

It really doesn't have any major impact on today's government