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The judicial decisions that affect the excecutive branch are as such effective because they can essentially limit the powers of the branch and declare certain acts unconstitutional.

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Q: How do judicial decisions affect the executive branch?
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How does the Judicial Branch check the Legislative and the Executive Branches?

The Executive branch checks the legislature by vetoing legislation it di disagrees with. It checks the judicial branch by being the only authority by which the judicial branch can enforce judicial decisions.

Who is in the judicial branch and the executive branch?

Judicial: federal judges Executive: President, Vice President, his cabinet...

How can the judicial branch challenge the powers of the legislative and executive branch?

The Judicial branch has what is known as Judicial Review, which means the Judicial Branch may invalidate laws made by the Legislative branch and executive orders made by the Executive branch that it determines is unconstitutional.

How does the legislative check the executive and judicial?

The legislative branch checks the executive branch by giving it consent to all Presidential appointments. The President is therefore restrained from choosing an appointee with radical views. The legislative branch checks the judicial branch by passing laws that bind their decisions.

What branch of government can overrule decisions made by lower courts?

Appellate courts in the Judicial Branch have jurisdiction (power, authority) to review and uphold lower court decisions on appeal.Decisions can only be enforced by the Executive Branch.

What are the branches of the Government of the US?

The Executive Branch;The Legislative Branch;The Judicial Branch.Legislative Executive Judicial1.Legislative branch - (i.e. Congress).2.Executive branch (i.e. The President).3.Judicial branch (i.e. The Supreme Court).

How does the executive branch influence congress-?

The executive branch implement and enforces laws. They use judicial review, suggest laws, and control all of the spending money.

What are 4 simple things that the judicial and the executive branch can do?

The judicial branch can interpret laws, the executive branch enforces them. Also the executive branch can veto bills given to him/her by Congress, the judicial branch can declare things "unconstitutional."

How are the executive branch and the judicial connected?

The two branches are connected because the executive branch sends laws to the judicial branch

What are the three branches of the Bangladesh government?

Executive branch: Legislative branch: Judicial branch: ....thank you... Executive branch: Legislative branch: Judicial branch: ....thank you...

What system is used when the President nominates US Supreme Court justices under his authority in Article II?

This is an example of the system of checks and balances. The Executive Branch checks the Judicial Branch by appointing justices. The Judicial Branch can then check the Executive Branch by ruling Executive decisions as unconstitutional. This keeps one branch of government from becoming too powerful.

Who leads the executive and judicial branch?

The executive branch is led by the President. The judicial branch is headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.