How do you define bad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Something that is not good

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Q: How do you define bad?
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Define behavior in group?

its how bad you are you get me!?

What is the baddest gun on earth?

Define bad.

Why is processed food bad?

Not all processed foods are bad. Define it more.

Define the term antagonist?

The bad guy. wrong answer

Do boys like good girls or bad girls?

It depends on how you define good and bad.

How would you define the word Vices?

A vice is simply a bad habit.

How do you define evil?

Very very very very very very bad

How do you define a villain on Lego Hero Factory?

This is a random question ok...... but A person that does BAD things

What is a word that describes evil?

The words that can define evil is mean , bad and ugly hope that help =)

What Legal defense is there for bad checks?

Define "bad checks." Need to be more specific with information. Stolen and cashed? Forged? Written on insufficient funds? Wrtten on a closed account?

Why does life always balance the bad out with the good eventually and vise versa?

You define good as above average, and bad as below average. If you take the average of everything that has happened to you, it will be right in the middle, making there about as many good things as bad.

How do you know if someone is a bad person?

You can tell by their personality and the way they act in front of you or someone else. Truth: There is no such thing as a bad person. Saying such is simply projection. While it is true that people do bad things, what we do does not define who we are. It only defines what we do.