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You need to do this assignment. We don't do your work for you.

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Q: How do you use continental congress in a sentence?
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How do you use first continental congress in a sentence?

When the First Continental Congress met in 1774, the members expressed their frustration with King George and his unfair laws.

Can you Use the term petition in a sentence about the first continental congress?

i dont know so shut up

What voted to boycott british trade?

Continental Congress

Which Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence?

That would be the 2nd Continental Congress!!

What was the congress during the American Revolution?

Second Continental Congress

What is a type of noun is for first continental congress?

The First Continental Congress is a proper noun.

What group formulated a statement explaining the fair relationship between the colonies and Britain?

the First Continental Congress. the First Continental Congress. the First Continental Congress. the First Continental Congress.

Who was the president of second continental congress?

The president of the Second Continental Congress was Peyton Randolph.George Washington

Who was a loyalist in the second continental congress?

There were no loyalists in the 2nd continental congress

Where was the continental congress?

the second continental congress took place in philadelpia

What was the consequences of the first continental congress?

what was the consequence of the first continental congress

Use the word Constitution in a sentence?

In May 1776 the continental congress asked the state to organize their goverments, and each moved quickly to adopt the state constitution,plan of government.