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We walked hand-in-hand on the promenade.

We liked to promenade in the town square every Saturday evening.

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Q: How do you use promenade in a sentence?
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What is a meaningful sentence using the word promenade?

Mary and Jane strolled through the downtown promenade.

What does eux mean?

eux is used a sentence such as: je fait use promenade avec eux. It means them.

What is a sentence using the word promenade?

Aliana danced the promenade neatly with Hueifer."There were tables and chairs set up on the promenade"

How can you use the word gusty in a sentence?

It was too gusty for Helen to enjoy her walk along the promenade, the wind blew her hair all over her face.

What is a promenade between rows of poplars?

A promenade is a walkway. To promenade means to walk slowly .

What is the antonym of promenade?

promenade is a leisurely walk taken for pleasure,display the synonyms for promenade are:wander, walk the antonyms for promenade are:calm,still,no-show off

What do the intrepid farmers of Namaha Iowa use to square dance at the Farmall Promenade?

They use tractors.

What do the Intrepid farmers of Namaha Iowa use to dance at the Farmall Promenade?


When was Otterspool Promenade created?

Otterspool Promenade was created in 1950.

When was Marina Promenade created?

Marina Promenade was created in 2008.

When was Promenade Pictures created?

Promenade Pictures was created in 2003.

When was The Promenade In Temecula created?

The Promenade In Temecula was created in 1999.