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The Constitution gives the Congress the taxing and spending power. The people are the ones that votes for members of Congress, hence they have a voice in tax laws via selecting members of Congress who represent their views.

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Q: How does the Constitution provide people with a voice in the tax law?
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What is the difference between Philippines constitution and Philippines law?

The only difference is that constitution is the paramount law directly approved by the people while law are merely based on constitution and they are proposed by the congress.

Why should the people ratify the constitution?

To save a law

What happens when the people want a law that is not covered by the constitution?

The people can then vote directly by states to add a special section to the Constitution.

Why is the constitution considered as the law of the land?

In the USA, the Constitution is considered the basis for all law and governance of the nation. It sets aside the powers and power structure of government, and specifies what each branch will be responsible to do and provide.

What happens when the the people want a law that is not coverd by the constitution?

nothing they deny it

What significant roman concept of law was written into the US constitution?

all people are equal in the eyes of the law

How did the constitution create a republican government?

In short, the constitution is the law of the land, and establishes rules and regulations of what the government can and cannot do. In a Democracy, the source of power comes from the people. In a Republic, the source of power comes from the law, or in this case, the constitution.

We the people of the United States do ordain and establish this Constitution for the US of America. According to this first sentence of the Constitution the power of the government comes from whom?

The people are the power of the government. The government is for the people and by the people. The U.S constitution was the biggest law that was ever made

What is a liberal constitution?

A liberal constitution refers to a constitution that favors the political philosophy of progress and reform of its citizens. One of the features of a liberal constitution is that the rights of an individual which is enshrined in law is guaranteed.

Why is article 11 of the constitution important?

because people are stupid and just need to read the constitution

What is the e supreme law of the US?

The supreme law of the US is the Constitution. It establishes the framework for the federal government and outlines the rights and freedoms of the American people. It is the highest law in the country and all other laws must be in accordance with it.

Why is the preamble necessary in a constitution you the Philippines?

The preamble is not an essential part of the Constitution. Notice that it is not one of the Essential requisites of a Good written Constitution. But it is important because it serves to provide an orientation or explanation of the context of the constitution.