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it brings us together because it has are hopes and dreams

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Q: How does the US Constitution bring us together?
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How did the Constitution of the US unify the states and bring them together prior to 1861?


When did Bring Us Together happen?

Bring Us Together happened in 1968-10.

How the US Constitution brings us together?

it brings us together because it has are hopes and dreams

How does the Declaration of Independence bring us together?

It brings us together by the freedom you get.

How does the US Constitution protects the use of territory?

it helps the us stay together.

How does the White how bring us together?

The White House brings us,people together by it's pie

How did Nixon bring us together in 1969?

He would end the war for the US, and, as the saying went back then, bring the "Boy's Home!" And he did!

Who was the first us president to bring together a cabinet?

George washington

How does the statue of liberty bring us together.?

The Statue of Liberty brings us together because it's a simbol of freedom that reminds us of how we stand as one

How does compitions bring us together?

By Socializing and the love of soprts and friendly compition.

When will love bring us all together?

When we decide to let go of ego!

How does the California state seal bring us together?

It's an important symbol.