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The media does not create public policy directly! It rather does so by promoting the view of the writer, editorial staff or reporter creating the report... Usually determined by the particular political beliefs of the reporter!

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Q: How does the media determine public policy?
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What has the author Peter Humphreys written?

Peter Humphreys has written: 'Media and media policy in Germany' -- subject(s): History, Mass media policy, Planning, Mass media 'West Germany and the politics of industrial modernisation' 'Media and media policy in West Germany' -- subject(s): History, Mass media policy, Planning, Mass media 'Work Sharing and the Public Sector'

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What are some of the ways that the media plays a role in shaping the US political scene?

Three ways in which the media plays a role in setting the public agenda is setting public policy, taking a role in mass media, and informing government officials.

What are the ways in which government policy has been shaped and set by the influence of political parties interest groups lobbyists the media and public opinion with emphasis on Military Policy?

no you have answer?

if the media cover an issue and it gets a powerful response from the public, the media sometimes follow up by covering that response. what is the most likely outcome of these events?

Changes to public policy on the issue

Stages of public policy process?

1. Genesis of the public policy 2. Development of the Public Policy 3. Implementation of the public policy 4. Feedback on the public policy

What are three stages of defining and solving a public policy issue?

identify the problem, determine options, implement solutions

What limits the impact opinion of public policy?

the interest of the minority

Why are many interesting in learning the content of public opinion?

Public opinion is very important in election campaigns world wide. Candidates and public office holders want to see how the public feels about certain policy and political issues. Often times public opinion (as taken by private polls ) helps determine public policy.

Which of the following describes a situation in which a president uses the media attention given to the president's office to build support for policy proposals?

going public

What conclusion about the role of the media can be drawn from these headlines?

Without knowing the specific headlines, a general conclusion could be that the media plays a significant role in shaping public perceptions, influencing opinions, and focusing attention on particular issues or events. Depending on the content of the headlines, it can also be inferred that the media has the power to inform, provoke debate, or even manipulate public discourse.

Why public policy formulation and implementation is or should on be performed by public administration?

answer public policy formulation and policy implementation