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the stamp act effects us today because it mad3e the war so their for if it would not have happened w wouldnt have had the war and todays life would not be the same

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Q: How does the stamp act affect us today?
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What british law in 1765 taxed newspapers and legal papers?

The Stamp Act was passed by British parliament in 1765. This act taxed all legal papers in the US colonies.

How much is a US postage stamp as of today?

44-Cent First Class : February 4th , 2011 .

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What coercive powers are in the us constitution to control public unrest?

stamp act

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What would the value be for the first stamp issued in the US today?

The first US stamps were issued in 1847. The 5 cent stamp with Benjamin Franklin can be purchased used for $715. Unused the stamp can be purchased for $4,500.

If radium and polonium was not discovered how would it affect us today?

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In what US state did the hearings on the Stamp Act take place?

The US wasn't created yet and still was a British colony. The colonies (not states, because there weren't any yet) were told to follow the Stamp Act. This was a tipping point for the American Revolution.

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How much is a 1 Singapore stamp worth?

Today (February 4, 2015) it is worth 80 cents US.

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What is the difference in price of a large 1st class stamp and a small 1st class stamp?

There is no price difference. The physical size of the stamp does not affect its cost. Currently the price in the US is 44 cents.