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Q: How have the puritans come to influence the American dream?
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How have the puritans influence the American dream?

Well, the Puritans were the first ones to come over to the New World from England, so they have a huge affect on American history. Some of America's oldest customs would not be practiced if the Puritans did not land and the Jamestown colony was not settled in 1607. That should give you the basic idea: the Puritans were the first. If you need anything else, just let me know.

Why did the separatists and the puritans come to north American?

to help

Why did the pilgrims and puritans come to North America for religious freedom?

The pilgrims and puritans came to american to practice religious freedom and escape religious prosecution.

Why did Russians come to the USA?

To live the American dream.

Why do people from around the world want to come to the US?

The American Dream.

Where did Dream Catcher come from?

Dream catchers came from the Native American Culture to protect the sleeper from bad dreams.

Why does George and Lennie have to come to work?

so that they can build up enough money to buy the land of there dream. this was the American dream.

What country did the puritans come from?


What European country did the Puritans come from?


Why did slaves come to the land?

They came here for the American dream. Freedom! Seriously, have you looked at Africa lately?

Did the Pilgrims come to New England after the Puritans?


What is the meaning behind a American Oxygen?

"American Oxygen" by Rihanna is a song that reflects on the American dream and the struggles faced in achieving it. The lyrics touch on themes of freedom, opportunity, and perseverance in the pursuit of success in America. It also comments on the harsh realities and challenges that come with trying to achieve the American dream.