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by the people they represent.

you elect senators and representatives

they are the electoral college

and they elect your president


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Q: How is an electorate elected?
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Who elects the governor in Rhode Island?

He or she is elected by a direct vote of the voting electorate.

What is the house of representitves?

A body of people elected to public office by a democratic electorate.

Are elected officials considered employees?

Yes, elected officials are considered employees. They are elected to serve the people. They work for the electorate. Sometimes they do not act like it, but that is their job.

Was Winston Churchill a leader or a dictator?

Winston Churchill was a leader since he was elected by the electorate.

Why did the us policy change?

Because the electorate elected a new set of politicians with a different view.

What what does re-elected mean?

An example in the UK, is that the Conservative Government was re-elected at the last General Election, being voted to remain in office by the electorate.

People of the US dont elect the President?

This is correct. The U.S. President is elected by vote by the Electorate College.

What is the difference between preferential voting and proportional voting?

The difference between preferential voting and proportional representation voting is that in proportional representation voting more than one member can be elected for each electorate but in preferential voting only one member can be elected for each electorate. XOXO

What is another word for the electorate or for people represented by elected officials?

The people who elect an official are referred to as the representative's constituents.

How was Pope Benedict XVI chosen to be pope?

He was elected in a secret conclave in the Sistine Chapel by the voting electorate of the College of Cardinals.

Why do governments need strong domestic policies?

The people in office will want to be re-elected, so pleasing the electorate is important.

What is the number of votes needed to elect a new pope?

2/3 of the cardinal electorate must vote for the person for him to be elected as pope.