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It can always change because people think we need to have new laws. The constitution should never change!

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by adding an amendment to it

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Q: How is the constitution changed?
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What is the difference between the Constitution of India and South Africa?

constitution of India is not changed .while the constitution of South Africa has changed.

What is called when the constitution is changed?

When the constitution is changed it is called an amendment.

What is rigid and flexible constitution?

rigid constitution are those constitution that can not be changed why FLEXIBLE constitution are constitution that can be changed through a process of amendment

How would you have changed the constitution in 1787?

i would have not changed the constitution in 1787.

What methods can the constitution be changed?

The U.S. Constitution can only be changed by Amendment.

What is it called when the constitution changed?

When the constitution is changed it is called an amendment.

How many time has the Constitution been changed?

the constitution has been changed 10 times.

What did America demand that a bill of rights be added to the constitution?

So that the Constitution could be changed as the country changed

Can the Constitution of the U.S. be changed?

Yes it can be changed by amendments.

What percentage of Australia wants the constitution changed?

Traditionally the Australian Constitution has proven very hard to change, in its history the constitution has been changed only 8 times out of 46 attempts, as such we can surmise that not alot of people want the constitution changed generally, but I could give a better answer if you asked about the constitution being changed in regards to what area.

Can the constitution can be changed by adding an amendment?

Yes, the U.S. Constitution can be changed by adding an amendment and it has happened 27 times.

Has the us ever changed the constitution?

An amendment is a change to the constitution so no once they have been enacted they have not changed.