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For a seven-year term by the "legislature (ie Congress)

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Q: How is the executive branch chosen for the Virginia Plan?
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How many branches did the Virginia plan call for?

The branches of the Virginia plan were the Executive branch and the Judicial branch

What kind of government did the Virginia Plan purpose?

one of the three branches: a legislative branch, an executive branch, and a judicial branch

What three branches of government did the Virginia plan propose?

one with three branches: a legislative branch ,and executive branch, and a judicial branch

What kind of government did Virginia Plan proposed?

Novanet--- One with three branches: A Legislative branch, an executive branch, and a Judicial Branch

What plan was vague to the structure of the executive but specified the national executive consist of a single person?

Virginia plan

What is Virginia plan about?

The Virginia Plan called for a strong national government set up into three branches, legislative, executive, and judicial. The first general plan for the Constitution offered in Philadelphia. Its key points were a bicameral legislature, and an executive and a judiciary chosen by the national legislature.

A supreme court appointed by the executive branch was a feature of which plan for the federal government presented at the constitutional convention?

The New Jersey plan (APEX)

What was the Virginia Plan and why was it controversial?

The Virginia Plan was a plan that proposed a government that would have three branches. The first branch was the legislature, which made the laws. The second branch was the executive branch and they enforced the laws. The third branch was the judiciary branch, which interpreted the laws. The Virginia plan said that the legislative branch would have two houses and the number of representatives in both would be based on population. It was controversial because smaller states had a smaller population so they didn't get as much representatives as states with larger populations.

Which plan called for a plural executive in the executive branch of the government?

New Jersey Plan

Which of these plans proposed that both the judicial and executive beaches could veto laws?

Virginia Plan

Why was the Virginia Plan so helpful for populated states?

the strengths of the Virginia plan was to create a 3-branch legislature consisting of a two-chamber, bicameral legislature, a powerful executive branch and a judicial branch. The Virginia plan did not give equal representation to all states. It benefited the southern states for protecting slavery. This plan practically eliminated the voices of the smaller states by pegging representation in both houses of the congress to population.

What was the Virginia Plan of the government?

the Virginia plan wanted legislative branch