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In the United States, the 'popular vote' is utilized.

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Q: How is the leader chosen in government?
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How was the head of the Sumerian government chosen?

A: the Sumerian leader is chosen by it's people.

How was Hu Jintao chosen for the leader of government?

the people of china voted to elected the government

How is the leader of Indonesia chosen?

malaysian government will have politics!

What are cons about living under dictatorship?

If you didn't like the leader, you could be killed. Also, people couldn't vote for the leader they wanted, the leader was chosen by the government.

how is presidential government better than the parliamentary government?

One thing about presidential government that is better than parliamentary government is how the leader is chosen. In a presidential government the people choose their leader. This gives the people more say in their country and who governs it.

Describe the system of government in Fiji?

Please refer to "How is Fiji's leader chosen" for answer to this question. Thankyou.

How is the leader of the Netherlands Chosen?

the leader of the Netherlands is chosen by voting or the person is in the parliament.

How is a socialist leader chosen?

a socialist leader is chosen by the citizens in a democratic election.

How is the head of the UK government chosen?

Officially they are invited to form a government by the monarch. In reality the leader of the party with a majority of seats in the house brcomes the primemiister

How is the leader chosen in Denmark?

How leaders are chosen in denmark

Who has ta moko?

the leader who the other leader has chosen is the new leader

Who chose Pope Gregory to be the leader of the Apostles?

Peter was chosen as the leader of the Church and apostles. Pope Gregory was chosen to be the pope and leader of the Church.