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forever, unless you terminate it or the person or entity who issued it terminates the guarantee in writing.

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Q: How long can a personal guarantee be exercised for?
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Which companies business credit no guarantee?

Most creditors will require a personal guarantee before extending business credit to reduce risk; however, there are ways to avoid having to provide a personal guarantee. Establishing a business credit history, having a long history of doing business, and demonstrating sufficient cash flow are all ways that can allow a business to avoid providing a personal guarantee.

Do business credit cards come without a personal guarantee?

Most business credit cards do come with a personal guarantee. There are, however, ways to get a business credit card that does not require a personal guarantee.

Can a director give a personal guarantee for a loan?

He can but should not. A personal guarantee defeats any corporate shield against seizure of personal assets.

Does a personal chapter 7 bankruptcy cover a corporation personal guarantee?

Yes, if you include the guarantee you made to the creditor in the bk.

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How to get Business credit card processing without personal guarantee?

First you need to find a processor that is willing to accept business financials in lieu of a personal guarantee:

Can a commercial loan appear on personal credit report?

Depends - did you do a personal guarantee or did you do the loanthrough an EIN number for a corp, llc ?If you did it through a personal guarantee (YES)If you did it through an EIN (NO)So yes, and No;)Wayne

Which loan companies don't require a personal guarantee?

You can find loan companies don't require a personal guarantee at Another good site is

What is a long exercised in anything especially in military life?


How do you get out of a personal guarantee?

Well, Actually you better hang yourself

Will I Need Personal Guarantee On Loan Or Credit Line?

Your guarantee might be needed with respect to the type and size of the credit request.

What does a personal guarantee look like?

A personal guarantee is a signature promise that money loaned to a company will be repaid. The owners or partners of a corporation sign documents, and put there personal finances on the line, with the guarantee that all money loaned to the company will be paid back. If money is not repaid, lenders have the ability to request repayment from the individuals who guaranteed payment.