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2 years

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Q: How long does a Michigan Representative serve?
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How long did Andrew Harkin serve as a representative?

He served as a representative from 2012 to 2014.

How long does someone serve as representative in Florida?

6 years

How long a term do state representatives serve in michigan?

Read the Constitution of the State of Michigan, Art. IV.

How long does a representative serve in Congress in the articles of conferderation?

one year

Who is the US Representative in Flint Michigan?

Flint, Michigan is in Michigan's 5th Congressional District. For the 113th Congress (2013-2014), the representative is Daniel Kildee (D).

How long do you elect each House Representative?

House members serve a two year term

How long do members of the house of representative serve the senate?

the term is 2 years and can serve for life.

How long is someone be in the house of reps for?

Representatives serve in the US House of Representatives for terms of two years; there is not limit to the number of terms a representative can serve.

How long may a Representative may serve?

A representive in the US House of Representive serves for 2 years.

The idea that the government should serve the will of the people?

Representative Government

How old must someone be to serve as representative?

A representative must be twentyfive years old and an USA citizen and he/she must serve for two years.

How may years do the house of representative serve?

They serve for two year terms.