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Same as the president. The president has the right to change who the person is in the second term.

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Q: How long does a vise president hold office?
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For what period does the vice president of India hold office?

For what period does the vise president of India hold hold office?

Exampes of vice presidents who took office when president dies?

None. There is NO "vise"-President. In the US we have a ViCe-President.

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The Vice Vise President!!??

What is the official website of the office of the Auditor General for the federation of Nigeria?

the website is within the ministers, the president, the vise presidents and withint the leaders of our country who are thiefs

Who was vise president while Lincoln was?

he had a vice president named Kennedy

Who becomes president should the vise president die?

Th eSpeaker Of The House

Who was Georges Washington's vise-president?

John Adams

Who was jfk's vise president?

lyndon b. johnson

Who was the vise president in 1999?

That would be Al Gore.

Who was george washington's vise president?

John Adams.

Who was America's first vise president?

John Adams