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12 years

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Q: How long has Rick Perry been the governor?
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How long has rick perry been governor?

Rick Perry has been the 47th Texan governor since December 21, 2000. Therefore, Governor Perry has been in office for almost 14 years.

How old is Governor Rick Perry?

As long as he has been governing. 10 years. That's a fact.

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Because her last name is Perry. She is Rick Perry's long lost grand-step-uncle. And she divorced me.

When was Rick Perrie born?

Rick Perrie was born on December 15, 1956, in Long Beach, California, USA.

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since 1911

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Quentin Bryce is not, and has never been, Queensland's governor. Quentin Bryce is the Governor-General of Australia.

How long does a person stay on death row in Texas before they are executed?

No Governor should be allowed to execute 243 people in 7 years Rick Perry. George Bush executed 112 in 8 years as a Governor. Who ever Votes this man into the White House will regret their decision. Today was the first time the Supreme Court mad a stay on an execution in the State of Texas.

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