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Over 60 years since the end of WW2.

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Q: How long has health care reform been an issue in the US?
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Has any branch of government voted on health care reform?

Has any branch of government voted on health care reform?

Will the health care bill pass in the US Senate?

Depending on which bill you mean, the Affordable Care Act of 2009 was passed in early 2010 and reconciled with the Health Care and Education Reconcilation Act by both houses. Health Care reform is thus law of the land. All other bills, including the one containing a public option, were striked from the schedule.

What does the Republican Party think about health care?


Why did Barack Obama create Obamacare?

The main reason was because he believed it would help people. This is not a new issue for him-- when he was a state senator in Illinois, he worked very hard on improving health care access. It was an issue he cared about a lot, as did his wife, who was a hospital administrator at that time. In Illinois, his advocacy on health care was very popular, so perhaps he thought he would receive a similar reaction when he tried to pass health care reform as president. It should also be noted that "Obamacare" (really called the Affordable Care Act) had been in the making for a long time. Bill Clinton tried to pass something similar during his presidency, but failed. Mitt Romney enacted an almost identical law when he was governor of Massachusetts, but had to walk away from it when he ran for president because Republicans (who first thought up some of the provisions, including the Mandate) now were opposed to it. Mr. Obama decided the issue of expanding access to more people would be a good one to tackle, since it could benefit millions of Americans. He seemed genuinely surprised by how much resistance there was to a bill that at one time, Republicans supported.

What percent of Americans are against health care reform?

It is difficult to provide an exact percentage as public opinion on health care reform can vary over time and across different surveys. However, various polls conducted in recent years have shown that the percentage of Americans opposing health care reform ranges from around 30% to 50%. Factors such as political affiliation and personal beliefs on the role of government in healthcare can influence these opinions.

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How long has health care reform been an issue?

The fifties? see link where Ronald Reagan talks about socialized health care.

Which statement is true of health care reform?

Health care reform was an important issue that the Clinton admin. could not resolve

What was not major social issue in the 1980?

Health care reform

Which was NOT a major social issue of the 1980s?

Health care reform

What was not a major social issue in 1980s?

Health care reform

What was not a major social issue in the 1980s?

Health care reform

What important vote took place in the US senate social security reform or health care reform?

health care reform

Why is health care reform referred to as ObamaCare?

Obama is the president that proposed the health care reform and implemented it.

Health care reform is a social tax will it work?

Health Care Reform is a social tax, will it work?

What has the author Vergil N Slee written?

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Has any branch of government voted on health care reform?

Has any branch of government voted on health care reform?

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