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A special session may be called by the Governor. It can last up to a maximum of 30 days. It is only limited to the purpose of the special session, they do not discuss general items but rather specifically what the Governor has called the special session for. There is no maximum on how many special session may be called, only a day limit for each one.

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Texas Constitution Article 3, section 40 limits special sessions to a maximum of thirty days but imposes no minimum.

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Q: How long is a special session of the Texas Legislature?
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What kind of session can the president call?

Yes, the President has the power to call Congress back into session after they have voted to adjourn in order to consider some pressing matter. He can also call just the Senate back to consider a treaty of appointment he makes. This power is granted under Article II, Section 3, clause 2. The constitution says that the president can convene congress under extraordinary circumstances for as long as he sees fit. Special sessions were called fairly often before the Senate and House began meeting for most of the year, but has only occurred four times since the 20th Amendment was ratified. The 20th Amendment calls for the first session of Congress to begin on January 3 each year. In recent years, the Senate and House have been authorized to call their own special sessions after Congress adjourns.

Which speaker of the house was a Democrat from Texas?

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When does the general assembly convene each year and how long are the regular sessions?

The Georgia General Assembly meets each year for a forty-day session, beginning on the second Monday in January.

Could long island become a state if new york agreed?

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The act or process of deliberating hindering the passage of a bill in the legislature by long speeches or other means of delay?

Filibuster. Careful though, filibusters are often brought to a close by cloture votes and the house of reps cannot be filibustered.

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How long does the Texas legislature hold its biennial sessions?

Texas legislature typically meets on the second Tuesday in January every odd-numbered year. The Texas Constitution limits the regular session to 140 calendar days.

When do Nebraska's legislature meet and for how long?

They meet for 90working day in odd numbered years, and 60 working days in even numbered years. The 2010 Session was from Jan. 6- April 14, 2010.

When was The Janice Long Session EP created?

The Janice Long Session EP was created in 1988.

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The session of the president is for a period of four years.

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How long session of congress?

Congress is two years long and begins on January 3 of each odd-numbered year. A session of Congress is one year long.

What are strengths and weaknesses of the Texas Constitution?

Weaknessesv There are 93,000 words in the Texas Constitution.v The Texas Constitution has been amended 467 times, making it one of the most frequently amended constitutions among the states.v It was written during the era of cowboys and cattle drives, causing it to be very outdated.v Since it is so precise, it has become a long list of specific rules rather than a set of fundamental legal principles for state law.v Also, because of its preciseness, there is no flexibility.v Because of this, the Texas Constitution is unorganized.v Legislature session is only 140 days long every other year.v The election of judges causes Texans to think that the judiciary is overly influenced by money.v All constitutional amendments are voted on during a special session or an odd year when there is less voter turnout.Strengthsv Texas is definitely NOT trying to become a dictator.v It specifies the creation of two high courts.v Even though the legislature sessions are only 140 days long, the governor can call a special 30 day session.v Forbids the government from imposing a state tax without the approval from the majority of the voters.v The constitution places a high value on individual freedomv I personally think it is a strength that they left God in the constitution instead of taking him out like the rest of the nation seems to be doing.

How long is a session of the US Congress?


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