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1452 per day

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Q: How many African American abortions each year in us?
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How many African-American presidents have we had in our country's history?


Why were enslaved African American not allowed to enlist in the war?

t You FALSE STATEMENT (provided in the form of a spurious "question") is historically inaccurate! MANY, MANY, MANY of the African-Americans BOTH enlisted and fought in every American war -- from the American Revolution (often with the promise of 'freedom' in return) to the Gulf Wars in the Middle East. In fact, the first soldier to die in the American Revolution was an African-American (AA) named Crispus Attucks and U.S. museums are loaded with memorials of AAs who fought valiantly in EVERY war fought either in or by the United States.

What percentage of African blood must one have to be considered African-American?

You should look this up on National Geographic an-or the Discovery Channels/ websites. They had a special explaining this in depth. Many African-Americans dont have any idea what percentage of African blood the they are due to a lot of rapes that occured by slave masters and female slaves. Usually in America deep brown skin is usally regarded as African American or Black. A lot of people who have on black parent and one white are usually considered or conider them self "mixed"/ bi-racial or black

What led to the start of African slavery in the Americas?

The need for workers is the reason for slavery. At first the colonies used indentured servants, but many when they got to the colonies faded into the population after a period of time. Slaves couldn't do this since they were African American and anyone who was a slave.

During the Reagan era each American farmer could produce enough food to feed how many people?


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How many African American people live in Vermont?

the are approx 963 african american in state of vermont

What are the themes of African American poetry?

Themes in African American poetry often include issues related to race, identity, history, resilience, and social justice. These poets frequently explore the experiences of the African American community, struggles against oppression, cultural heritage, and the quest for equality and empowerment. Many poems also celebrate the beauty of African American culture and traditions.

How many African American babies are born each year in the US?

It's about one baby per 0.0023 seconds.

Are there any famous African American horse back riders?

There are many African American equestrians that are probably not know outside the horse industry. There is also lots of African American trainers.

How many African American soldiers fought on the American Revolution?


How did the library of congress help to fight against negatives stereotypes about African Americans?

sent books by afican american authors

How many pages does The Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Folklore have?

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Folklore has 1 pages.

How many opthamologists are African American?

There are just a few hundred practicing ophthalmologists in the United States who are African American. Chester W. Chinn was the first African American ophthalmologist, certified in 1933.

How many abortions are there per year in Connecticut?

The last statistics reported were from 2009. There were 13,651 abortions that year.

Abortions compared between George Bush's last term and Barack Obama's first term?

This is a difficult question to answer, because there is no one place to obtain information about the number of abortions performed in each state each year. If you are asking whether the number of abortions has gone up under President Obama, there is no evidence of this. Actually, based on nation-wide research, the number of abortions has been in decline for years, because many states have made it more difficult to get an abortion, and access to contraception has improved.

What was common in many African-American churches?

Using African instruments and songs in their services

Did the Nazi invent abortions?

no abortions go back to the ancient Egyptians and probably before that. It was def around before the Nazis and many women died in backalley abortions.