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About 500,000 Loyalists left America.

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Around 20% of all the loyalists.

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estimated 100,000

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80,000 left

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Q: How many Loyalists left the United States after the Revolutionary War?
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How many loyalist fought with Great Britain during the Revolutionary War?

100,000 Loyalists left

What happened to the Loyalists after the war?

The loyalists were individuals that lived within the colonies yet still gave their loyalty to the British. After the Revolutionary War many of the loyalist left the colonies to live in Canada territories.

What happened as the loyalists left to Canada during the American revolutionary war?

they lived happily ever after in Canada, Britain, or Bahamas.

What happened to the loyalists after the revolutionary war?

53,000 left for Canada. They were harassed and discriminated against by other people.

What did the tories do in the Revolutionary War?

Loyalists were American colonists who remained loyal to the Kingdom of Great Britain (and the British monarchy) during and after the American Revolutionary War. They were often referred to as Tories, Royalists, or King's Men by the Patriots, those that supported the revolution. When their cause was defeated, about 20% of the Loyalists left the US to resettle in other parts of the British Empire, in Britain or elsewhere in British North America (especially New Brunswick), where they were called United Empire Loyalists; some went to the British West Indies, especially the Bahamas). Black Loyalists made up some of the Loyalist community. They lost all the property left behind, but were compensated by British claims procedures

What are the non-treaty results of the revolutionary war?

Here's some results for the United States... 01.Loyalists left America 02. Aristocracy is gone 03.Seperation of church & state 04. States gained governments 05. Slavery 06. Native Americans continue to loose territory 07.Woman have increased ignored rights 08. Radicalism of the American Revolution

Why did so many loyalists leave the united stats?

Many Loyalists left the 13 colonies because they where loyal to the British Crown and were not safe staying in the U.S during the Revolution.

What started the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union?

The end of WW2 left these two countries as the only superpowers. The United States saw the Soviet Union as a revolutionary communist expansionist threat. The Soviet Union saw the United States as a counterrevolutionary imperialist threat.

What are loyalists?

In the American Revolutionary War, Loyalists were colonists that wished to remain loyal to the British crown rather than revolt. Many fled back to Britain or north to its newly acquired lands now known as Canada.

Who were the tories during the revolutionary war?

They were colonists who wanted the King to remain in control of the colonies. The name "Tory" is synonymous with traditionalists and monarchists. They were also called "loyalists" for their loyalty to the British crown. Many faced attacks and some had to stay in areas controlled by the British. Because of the war, a significant number left the new United States for Britain or Canada.

What were the Loyalists concerns about the Revolutionary War?

They really didn't fear anything about the war(other than death.) I read that the didn't even oppose of it.

Loyalist in a sentence?

Loyalists to the right, rebels to the left, please... Many of the American colonists were Loyalists.