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The first Continental Congress consisted of 56 delegates from the 13 colonies. The Second Continental Congress added new members such as John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, James Wilson, Benjamin Franklin and Lyman Hall.

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Q: How many attended the continental congress?
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Which colony did not attended the continental congress?

Georgia. They did not send a representative to meet in the first continental congress.

Was Thomas Jefferson part of the Continental congress?

Yes. he was part of the Virginia House of Burgesses and attended the Second Continental Congress.

The First Continental Congress was attended by delegates from each colony except which of these?

The First Continental Congress was attended by delegates from each colony except Georgia.

Who attended the Second Continental Congress with his cousin?

john adams and samuel adams

Why did colonial leaders attend the continental congress?

Colonial leaders attended the First Continental Congress to come up with a way to respond to the Intolerable Acts, which were laws handed down by Britain that interfered with the rights of the colonists. The congress met in Philadelphia.

Who are some of the officials that attended the Presidential Inauguration?

many Members of Congress attended

How many delegates attended the first continental congress?


What delegates from every colony attended the continental congress in september 1774?

Delegates from all thirteen colonies attended the First Continental Congress in September 1774. Some notable figures included John Adams and Samuel Adams from Massachusetts, George Washington and Patrick Henry from Virginia, John Jay from New York, and John Dickinson from Pennsylvania. The purpose of the Congress was to address concerns and grievances against British rule and discuss potential actions to take.

List the delegates with a brief description that attended the Second Continental Congress?

Benjamin Franklin, john Hancock, thomas Jefferson

What voted to boycott british trade?

Continental Congress

Which Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence?

That would be the 2nd Continental Congress!!

What is the congress who offers a peaceful solution to the problem with Britain?

The First Continental Congress offered a peaceful solution to the problem with Britain. It was held in 1774 in Philadelphia and attended by delegates from the American colonies. The Congress proposed a boycott of British goods and urged peaceful negotiations with Britain to address grievances and prevent further conflict.