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In the US there are only 312 million people. In the Americas there are about 900 million, just 100 million short of a billion.

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Q: How many billion people are in America?
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How many people use the internet in America?

1.5 billion

How many people were alive in 1914?

Around 1.8 billion in America. 99+ billion in the world

How many people are in America and how many are in the world?

The world has recently pass 7 billion people

How many people in North America?

There are over half a billion people in all of North America. That's over five-hundred million (500,000,000) people!

How many people own guns in north America but don't use them?

Over five hundred billion

What is the number of people who are using tweeter in America?

8 billion people.

How many American are there?

There are over 310 million people living in the United States of America.

How many cars are there in America?

i1 billion

Do people live on north America?

Over half a billion people currently live on the continent of North America.

How many billion people are there in the world?

6.8 Billion people world wide.

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over 12 billion

How many people world wide watch the world cup?

There were in total 2~3 billion people who watched the world cup. Since football isn't so popular in America yet the numbers could reach up to 4 billion.