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2 cities and 20 municipalities

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Q: How many cities and municipalities in Bukidnon?
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What is the total number of municipalities in the Philippines?

Ans: There are 136 Cities in the Philippines

How many cities are there in Colorado?

According to Wikipedia there are 271 municipalities and 83 designated census areas.

How many towns are in Pennsylvania?

There is one town: Bloomsburg. The rest of the municipalities are boroughs, cities, or townships.

How many cities are in fl?

There are 411 incorporated municipalities in the state of Florida.

What are some other names for municipalities?

cities and towns

How many cities does puetarico have?

Puerto Rico has 78 municipalities, which are similar to cities in other countries. Each municipality has its own government and is overseen by a mayor.

How many provinces are in Vietnam are in Vietnam?

There are 58 provinces in Vietnam plus 5 municipalities (5 major cities)

What are three cities in Maryland?

The state of Maryland has 29 municipalities that are classified as cities. Three of these cities are Baltimore, Annapolis, and Frederick.

How many municipalities does the Philippines have?

The Philippines has 1,494 municipalities or towns.

What is the population of Bukidnon?

The population of Bukidnon is 1,190,284.

How many states does the Philippines has?

The Philippines has 81 provinces, which are further divided into cities and municipalities. It is not organized into states like some countries.

How many district in cavite?

Cavite province in the Philippines is composed of 7 districts. These districts are further divided into municipalities and cities.