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48 delegates

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Q: How many delegates attended the 1849 convention to start writing the constitution?
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The constitutional convention had difficulty writing a new national constitution because?

The constitutional convention had difficulty writing a new national constitution because?

Why did delegates at the constitutional convention want to change the articles of confederation?

The purpose of the Constitutional Convention was to fix problems in the Articles of Confederation, however, the delegates ended up writing the United States Constitution. The US Constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788.

Why did convention delegates decide t keep the proceedings secret?

The Constitutional Convention exceeded its authority in writing a new Constitution and it was feared that if deliberations on a new Constitution were to be found out, the Convention would be dissolved. The Convention was supposed to work out amendments to the Articles of Confederation that would keep that document in effect but improve on its inherent weaknesses. It was soon apparent to the delegates that saving the Articles of Confederation by amendment was hopeless, so they began to create a new form of government entirely. This was a task, the delegates had no authority to do.

When was the writing of the US Constitution?

The United States Constitution was writtenin 1787 during the Philadelphia Convention

What was one issue over which delegates had to compromise during the writing of the Constitution?


How many states existed at the time of the writing of the constitution?

There were still just the original thirteen states at the time. Twelve of them sent delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Rhode Island was the one that did not participate.

Which state walked out of the Constitutional Convention?

Only the state of Rhode Island (State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations) refused to send a delegate to the Philadelphia Convention (later called the Constitutional Convention) because they believed the Convention was really a conspiracy to overthrow the established government. Patrick Henry would have been a delegate from Rhode Island, if they'd chosen to participate. Of the 74 delegates invited, 55 actually attended. A few of the nation's most prominent leaders, such as Thomas Jefferson and John Jay, were absent because they were on diplomatic missions in Europe.

Who is William Few?

William Few and Abraham Baldwin were Georgia delegates to the writing of the US constitution.

What was James Madison's tone at the delegates debate on when they met in Philadelphia?

Madison took all the notes for the convention, so I don't imagine he said much since he was writing down what everyone said. It is because of him we know so much about the events of the convention. Some historians refer to him as "the father of the constitution."

What were the two qualities that made the delegates well suited for writing a constitution?

they were rich, white, men with power.

What was the significance of shays's rebellion?

major factor in writing the new constitution

Who helped delegates reach an agreement during the writing of the constitution?

Roger Sherman rescued the Constitutional Convention when tempers were high, and he also proposed the Great Compromise, which let smaller and larger states get their way with representation: a.k.a. House of Representatives + Senate = Congress