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more than 2.

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Q: How many entrances did the cave have?
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How many entrances did the cave have in Last of the Mohicans?

The cave had two entrances in the Last of the Mohicans.

What are cave entrances called?

Cave entrances are typically called cave mouths, cave openings, or cave portals.

Are there caves in 1 big cave?

I'm not sure what you mean but you can have very extensive and complex cave systems linking many caves - alternatively, you can consider such a system as a single cave with many entrances.

How big are caves entrances?

Cave entrances can vary widely in size, from small openings that only allow one person to enter at a time to large cavernous openings that can allow multiple people or even vehicles to enter. The size of cave entrances depends on factors such as the geology of the area, the type of rock the cave is formed in, and the processes that created the cave.

Where is cliff cave in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Cliff Cave is near Cianwood City. Just go in the cave you see and you'll be in Cliff Cave. When you pass through Route 47, and see many Cave entrances, that will also be considered Cliff Cave.

Can deer live in caves?

No. The most they may do is shelter in cave entrances.

How many entrances were in the Nemean lions cave?

Two; Heracles, after having in vain used his club and arrows against the lion, had blocked up one of the entrances to the den, and entering by the other, he strangled the animal with his own hands.

Do Cheetahs live in caves?

They might shelter in cave entrances - if there are any caves in cheetah country, of course! They are not cave-dwelling animals as such.

Is Fisher Ridge Cave a national park?

No. Although the North Eastern portions of the Fisher Ridge Cave System extend under the boundary of Mammoth Cave National Park there are no entrances on park property and thus it is in no way part of the national park. There are four entrances all of which are privately owned.

How do you get past the two galactic grunts inside MRCorent cave blocking your way?

There are different entrances.

Where is diglett cave in heartgold?

There are two entrances to Diglett Cave. One is East of Vermillion City, the other South of Pewter City. -Pokemon Guru

Where is Mt Mortar in SoulSilver?

Mt. Mortar is located to the right of Ecruteak City. There are three entrances to this cave. Each entrance leads to a different part of the cave.