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The Supreme Court consists of nine judges, called justices. There is a Chief Justice and eight other justices that were each initially nominated by the President in office at the time a new justice was needed. The United States Senate, after investigating the nominee's qualifications, approves or rejects the President's nomination.

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The US Supreme Court consists of NINE Justices - one Chief Justice and 8 Associate Justices.

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Q: How many justices or judges make up the supreme court?
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How many judges consist of supreme court?

There are many different supreme courts - one of the US and one for each of the States. They have different numbers of judges, depending on the Constitution of each state. There are eight judges on the US Supreme Court (Nine seats for judges).

What do we call the nine judges that make up judicial branch?

The judicial branch is not just the nine judges of the Supreme Court although these "Supreme Court Justices" are the most important judges in the judiciary.

Why are supreme court justices and federal judges appointed and not elected?

Because if they were elected the judges might not make fair decisions. They might favor the people who voted for them

How many justices are on the supreme court?

Nine Justices Nine Justices make up the current Supreme Court: one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices. There have been 103 Associate Justices in the Court's history.

How many justices are on the US court?

Nine Justices make up the current Supreme Court: one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices.

Who represents the judicial branch?

The Judicial Branch consists of the Article III courts and their judges or justices:US District CourtsUS Court of International TradeUS Court of Appeals Circuit CourtsSupreme Court of the United StatesThe Supreme Court is head of the Judicial Branch, but does not make up the entire branch, as some people believe.

How many US Supreme Court cases are decided by three judges?

None. The current US Supreme Court seats nine justices and requires a quorum of six to hear a case. The Court cannot review or decide cases in which fewer than six justices participate. The first Supreme Court, established in 1789, had only six justices, but required at least four to hold court. The US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts, the intermediate federal appellate courts that are one step below the Supreme Court, routinely use three-judge panels to make decisions.

Are any of your U. S. Supreme Court justices gay?

None has come out publicly. There may be Supreme Court justices who are gay but there is no way to know unless they make it known voluntarily.

How many justices make up the U. S. Supreme Court?


Why is it so important that the judges chosen for the high court understand the Constitution?

Supreme Court justices need to understand the Constitution because they are supposed to make their decisions on cases based solely on the Constitution, with as little bias as possible.

What change did president Roosevelt want to make to the court?

President Franklin Roosevelt tried to expand the Supreme Court to include an additional 15 judges. This was called "court packing," since he was trying to "pack" the court with his favorite judges. It didn't pass.

Who studies laws to make sure they're allowed by the Constitution?

In the US federal government, this authority belongs to the judges and justices of the Article III (constitutional) courts. The US Supreme Court justices are the ultimate authorities on constitutionality.Article III CourtsUS District CourtUS Court of International TradeUS Court of Appeals Circuit CourtsSupreme Court of the United States