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A typical person, who is speaking clearly and distinctly, speaks at about 100-150 words per minute. Thus, a 5-minute speech would contain roughly 600 words, total. A double-spaced, 12-point font will have roughly 1500 characters per page, which is 250 words, on average. So, a 5-minute speech should be about 3 single-spaced pages.

(Note: special cases, such as a debate team competition, can raise the WPM to well over 500)

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Q: How many pages should a 5 minute speech be?
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How many pages on average should a 6 minute speech have?

On average, a 6-minute speech consists of about 2-3 pages of double-spaced, size 12 font text. This estimation allows for a conversational pace that includes pauses and emphasis on certain points. It is important to practice the speech to ensure it is delivered effectively within the time frame.

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How many pages in a 15 minute speech?

It depends on font and page format. It would be more instructive to consider this in terms of word count. In my experience, a fifteen minute presentation is usually around 2300-3000 words.

How many pages should a 3-5 minute speech be?

We have a number of variables here; not all pages contain the same number of words, and not all speakers speak at the same speed. Write out a page, then actually time yourself to find out how long it takes you to say those words. Then you'll know.

Tamara can proofread 12 pages in 6 minutes How many minutes will it take her to proofread 96 pages?

12 pages in 6 minutes = 2 pages per minute. 96 pages at 2 pages per minute = 96/2 = 48 minutes.

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How many words is a 4 5 minute speech?

A good rate to speak is about 150 two syllable words per minute (four syllable words count as two words). So a 4-5 minute speech should be around 600-700 words or about two typed pages. If you using slides or power point then about 400 words will be enough. The more you prepare the better you will be. If you nervous you will tend to speak faster so remember to speak clearly and not too fast.

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How many words are spoken per minute in a speech?

about 140