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2 and a half men

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Q: How many people smoke in Cuba?
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How many people in cuba?

11,451,652 is the population of Cuba.

How many people are there in Cuba?

Population of Cuba is around 11.3 Million

How many people a smoke?

around 500000000 people smoke a day

What are some things to go do in Cuba?

Smoke a cuban.

How many people smoke in India?

15% public smoke.

How many people smoke?

About 1.3 BILLION world wide, about 22% of the people in the US smoke.

How many people practice santeria in cuba?


How many people own televisions in Cuba?


How many people per car in cuba?


Do they have TV's in Cuba?

Yes, there are televisions in Cuba. they are an educated and advanced people compared to many other countries.

How many people live in Caribbean?

Roughly 34,650,000 The most populated island is Cuba with just over 11,000,000 people. live in cuba

How many people per car are there in Cuba?