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Q: How many presedents where there in the US?
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How many presedents were born New York?


Would Abe still be alive if he had not been shot?

No because he was born in 1809 February 12 and that was a long time ago and evreryone wished that they can see all the presedents that died and all the presedents that weren't killed but exeped people who killed some of the presedents and i some because some of the presedents were dead cause they hadn't ben shot cause they were to old and died. The End

Who or what is part of the executive branch?

Presedents. And Obama is our presedent right now

What is the holiday when you honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln?

Presedents day.

How did Benjamin Franklin and James Madison meet?

becuz they both was presedents

Who did not want Abraham Lincoln to as president?

i did want him, he has all the things that presedents need to do but dont do ,not lie

Who do people refer to when they say presidents day?

presedents day refers to George Washington's birthday.

What song contains Going to the country going to eat a lot of peaches?

That would be "Peaches" by the Presedents of the U.S.A

Did James Polk smoke and drink?

yes thus it was in the song The Presedents' song in Animaniacs on Hulu in 1999

What season is presidents day in?

President's Day is in February, during the winter season.

As many people want to know why are their kings and queens in the world?

Just like America needs a person to run the country, they do, too. It's just that Kings and Queens are not elected like Presedents are.

What is the capital of Washington the only state named for one of the presedents?

Olympia is the capital city of the U.S. state of Washington.