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There are 69 school school districts in Suffolk County NY

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Q: How many school districts are in suffolk county?
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How many colleges are in the state of Tennessee?

There are 141 school districts in Tennessee which serve approximately 1,000,000 students. The largest school districts in Tennessee are Shelby County Schools, Davidson County School District, Knox County School District, and Hamilton County School District.

How many local school districts are in Georgia?

There are 159 counties in Georgia, each having their own Public County School District. There are also 20 Public City School Districts. Overall there are 179 public school districts in the state.

How many famous people live in Suffolk?

There are so many famous people who live in Suffolk. Suffolk is one wonderful county that is rich in distinct architecture and history.

How many school districts are in Lancaster County?

4 at least i think so. maybe someone can prove me wrong?

How many districts in total are there in Nassau County legislature?

There are 19 districts in total in the Nassau County legislature.

How many school districts in Louisiana?

There are 87 school districts in Louisiana.

How many school districts are there in California?

There are 1039 public school districts in California.

Is where a child goes to public school in the US based on residence?

In the US, cities are split into school districts. How many school districts there are in one city or county depends on the size of the territory and how many schools are in that area. Children are assigned to a school district---and to one specific school---based on the child's primary residence.

How many school districts are in Mississippi?

82 counties and 152 school districts

How many school districts are in Maine?

17school districts

How many square miles is Suffolk County New York?


How many school districts does Arizona have?

There are 589 school districts in Arizona, from kindergarten to highschool.