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i dont no

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Q: How many seats does New Jersey have in the house of represenatives and senate?
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How many house and senate seats does Michigan Legislature have?

3 house seats and 2 senate seats but the election in 2012 will drop from 17 to 16 so house and senate seats will be cut back

What was the effect of the reapportionment act of 1929 on the house of represenatives?

It limited the number of seats in the House to 435

Are the seats in the house of commons red?

what's the house of commons? the seats in the house of representatives are green, and the seats in the senate are red

How many seats does the Ontario ndp party hold?

In the House of Commons, they have 77 of the 308 seats. In the Senate, they have 49 of the 105 seats. Hope that helps.

How many represenatives does Maine have?

From 1963 to 2023, Maine controls two seats in the U. S. House of Representatives.

How many seats are in the house of representives and the senate?


How are seats distributed in the House of Representatives and the Senate?

Well there are not necessarily rules determining the seating. What you will notice is the Members of the Democratic Party sit on the left-hand side together from the view of the speaker. Members of the Republican Party sit on the right-hand side. There are two desks on each side where the Majority and Minority Leader sit.

How many seats does the US Parliament have?

The U.S. does not have a Parliament but has a Senate with 50 seats and a House of Representatives which has 435 seats.

What determined the numbers of seats in the house of representatives and senate?

the congress

Are there any elected officials from the Independent party in the House of Representatives or in the Senate?

In the Senate and House, independents usually occupy seats that curve around. Crossbenches are often referred to as these seats.

What happened in the 1974 congressional elections?

242 U. S. House seats and 19 U. S. Senate seats under Democratic control remained under Democratic control. 138 U. S. House seats and 10 U. S. Senate seats under Republican control remained under Republican control. 49 U. S. House seats and 4 U. S. Senate seats went from Republican control to Democratic control. 6 U. S. House seat and 1 U. S. Senate seat went from Democratic control to Republican control. Net changes: The Republican Party lost 43 House seats and 3 Senate seats. The Democratic Party gained 43 House seats and 3 Senate seats. The change was due largely to the embarrassment brought onto the Republican Party when former President Nixon's role in the Watergate break-in and cover-up was revealed.

How many seats are in the senate and house of representatives?

There are 535 seats in both houses, 100 seats in the Senate and 435 in the House of Representatives. The Senate has two members from each of the fifty states. The House has at least one member from each state, with the rest portioned out according to each state's population, based on the latest Census.