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All 13 out of 13 states.

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Q: How many states were required to pass the US Constitution?
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How many states were required to pass the constitution?

Nine States were required. They were ratified by state conventions and not the state legislatures.

What is the effect of the supremacy clause in the Constitution?

States cannot pass laws the contradict the Constitution

What things did the federalists do to pass the constitution in the states?

they lied

How did congress persuade the states to pass the constitution?

Idk jk

The President pass a bill it is call what?

the United States Constitution

What group is given to pass the laws by the constitution?

The United States Congress, as prescribed by Article I of the Constitution.

What groups given the power to pass laws by the Constitution?

The United States Congress, as prescribed by Article I of the Constitution.

What Fraction of the states does it take to pass an amendment to the constitution?

Three fourths.

What type of vote is required to pass a law?

required to have 2/3 of the states vote yes

How many states have to agree with the law in order for it to pass?

None, according to the constitution states are free to govern themselves however they want and can chose what laws they want to set into place and what not

What important powers did the Constitution leave in hands of the states?

The states could pass and enforce laws and also regulate trade within the state.

Can Congress pass a law that overrides state law?

The short answer is yes, but before it can pass a law they have to have the authority to do so. Congress can only pass a law if the United States Constitution has expressly given that area to them to control or regulate. Recently Congress has taken an expansive view of the Commerce Clause to regulate commerce between the states to expand their authority. The United States Constitution states that any powers not reserved for the federal government is provided to the states.