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Q: How many things are named after Amanda?
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Who were some famous people named Amanda?

Amanda Bynes

Is there a horror film of the char name Amanda?

There are a few movies named 'Amanda' but I do not see any that are horror. However there is a character named Amanda in a few of the Saw movies.

Who are some famous people named Amanda?

There is a famous actress named Amanda Bynes.Shes in the films "What a girl wants," "lovewrecked," and "Whose the man?." She also has a television program called "The Amanda show."

Is there another famous person named Amanda besides Amanda Bynes?

Yes There is another famous person with the name Amanda , Her Name is Amanda Lear and is a singer amanda seyfried. she is in mama mia.

What is the meaning for a girl named Amanda in Portuguese?


Who does Kurt Gillund like?

Someone not named amanda.

Who are Pays and Plummer?

Both are actresses named Amanda

Does Amanda Bynes have pets?

She has a dog named Midge

Does Amanda bynes have a pet?

She has a dog named Midge

What was amanda's dog named int the book Maniac Magee?

Amanda's dog in the book "Maniac Magee" was named Earl Gray.

What is a good nickname for a girl named Amanda?

I like Mandy.

Does Jimmy Bennett have sisters or brothers?

He has a sister named Amanda :)