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There is no term limit for serving in the U.S. Senate.

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Q: How many times may be a senator be reelected?
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How many times may a Congressman re-elected?

There are no legal restrictions on the number of times a congressman can be re-elected.

How many times may a senator and congressman be re-elected?

As many times as they can until they retire or die. There are no term limits on the US Congress. Many US senators are in their 70s or even 80s, with 15% having 3 terms of service (18 years) or more. Strom Thurmond was elected in the 1950s and died in office after 48 years of service at the age of 100.

How many times can a congress person be re-elected?

If you are talking US Congress then there is no limit to the number of terms a congressman (or Senator) can serve, so they can be reelected as many times as they want if they can get the people to vote for them.

What occurs when a senator delays the vote by talking it to death?

A "filibuster" is a procedure by which a senator can speak on a subject as long as he likes. As long as they do not break for water/bathroom/etc or in anyway yield control of the floor, a senator may speak as long as they like. Strom Thurmond famously filibustered the Civil Rights Act for over 24 hours. In modern times, the Senate doesn't actually require a senator to take the floor and speak to filibuster. All he must do is tell the party's floor leader, I believe.

Can a senator vote by proxy?

proxy voting - The practice of allowing a Senator to cast a vote in committee for an absent Senator. Senate Rule XXVI provides that proxies may not be voted when the absent Senator has not been informed of the matter on which he is being recorded and has not requested that he be so recorded. Source:

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How many times may a senator or representative be reelected?

no limit

How many times may a Senator or congressman reelected?

as many as they can as long as the people want them

How many years does a senator keep his job?

Six years, but he may be reelected.

How many times may a senate or congressman be re-elected?

how many times may a senator be reelected from pennsylvania?

How many times may a represtative be reelected?

As many times as they wish

How many times may a congressmen be reelected?

Three times

How many times may a senayor be reelected?

There are no term limits for senators.

How many times may a congressperson be reelected?

456 because there congress

How many times may a congressman or a congresswomen be reelected?

There is no limit to the number of times a representative can be elected to Congress.

How many time may a senator re elected?

As many times as they are re-elected. The people decide when they should no longer serve, but until then, as long as they want to. There is no limit.

How many times may senator be elected?


How many times may both senators and congressmen be reelected?

every 4 or 2 years