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It requires the vote of at least four of the nine US Supreme Court justices to grant a petition for writ of certiorari. If four Justices agree, the Supreme Court will accept the case. This is referred to as the "Rule of Four."

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For an outcome to be determined a simple majority is needed for example 5 out of the nine supreme court justices must agree the decision. However in some circumstances not all nine justices 'sit' at a session but the verdict must still be by agreed by all or a majority.

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The US Supreme Court requires a simple majority to decide a case. If all nine justices hear the case, at least five must agree on a decision.

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Because there are NINE Justices, it takes FIVE votes to win a case. One Justice who voted with the winning side is then picked to write the majority opinion.

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Q: How many votes are needed to accept a case in the US Supreme Court?
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Do people vote on the members of the the supreme court?

No, the Supreme Court is not elected by the people. Supreme Court Justices are nominated by the President, and then the Senate votes to confirm them.

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What is the vice presidents only constitutiounal responsibility?

They are to break tie votes and they are the boss of the supreme court

What are 2 major external influences on supreme court judicial decision making?

Public Opinion is a huge one. Since the eye of the people is so close on the Supreme Court given the consequences of its decisions, there is evidence that the Supreme Court is affected by the will of the people. Also, amicus briefs can influence Supreme Court votes.

What would not happen if the Supreme Court votes 9-0?

No one would write a dissenting opinion.

When nominating a person to the US Supreme Court what is the primary consideration?

Maybe whether the nominee can garner enough votes from the Senate to be appointed to the Court.

Who holds the power to appoint Supreme Courts Justices?

The President, but he (or she) must have the consent of the Senate, which votes whether to accept or reject the nominee. If a simple majority (51% of those voting) affirms the President's choice, the nominee is appointed and becomes a US Supreme Court justice

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What body has the power to accept or reject nominations to the supreme court?

The Senate (Legislative branch) votes to confirm or reject the Presidents' (Executive branch) US Supreme Court (Judicial branch) nominees. Approval requires a simple majority of the Senators voting.Some people believe this power falls to Congress; however, "Congress" is a collective term that includes the House of Representatives, which has no voice in the Supreme Court selection process.Article 2, Section 2, Paragraph 2 (nomination clause) of the US Constitution provides that the President may nominate members of the Supreme Court, but that appointment only occurs with the "advice and consent" of the Senate.